STC 45​


Recommended for sound recording studios

Loud speech is not audible

Sound-Transmission Control (STC)

LA Custom Door

STC 51

Very loud sounds are faintly heard

LA Custom Door manufactures STC rated doors with ratings of 45, 49, and 51.

​STC 49

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LA Custom Door has supplied STC assemblies to companies such as:

                                - Capitol Records 

                                - Universal Music 

                                - Fox Studios 

                                - Disney 

                                - Univision 

                                - Tom's Shoes 

                                - Warner Brothers

                                - And many more! 

Acoustical assemblies shall include all steel sound doors, frames, seals and automatic door bottoms.


- Doors shall be formed of two 14-gauge hot rolled galvanized stretcher leveled steel.

- Core shall be designed to insure minimum acoustical performance as required by the sound transmission rating.

- There shall be no seams on the faces or edges of doors. Mechanical connections on door edges shall not be allowed. Door to have continuous 14-gauge steel interior perimeter channels welded to both sides of door skins.


- Frames shall be manufactured of 14-gauge hot rolled galvanized stretcher leveled steel.

- Frames shall be provided with adjustable gasketing, factory installed.

- Corners shall be arc-welded and ground smooth. Frames shall be provided with steel bottom spreader bar.


- Jamb and head perimeter gasketing to be ASTM designation SCE-42 closed cell neoprene and shall be shaped to insure proper contact with the door. 

- Door bottom drop seal shall be Zero International #366A semi-mortised.

- On pairs of doors, we will provide a "Sound Sealer Astragal" to seal between doors.