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Hollow metal products just plain look good! New technologies allow for the creation of striking hollow metal doors that mimic the look and feel of wood, yet perform better than wood over the long haul.
     Varieties of highly specialized finishes from LA Custom Door allow designers to harmonize entryways into the overall design scheme of a building or individual room, or make the entryway the design focus around which other design components revolve.



Hollow metal doors and frames can be used almost anywhere and for almost any situation: from apartment buildings, dormitories, military barracks, hotels and schools - to hospitals, industrial buildings, office complexes, airports, convention centers and more. 
    Plus, hollow metal construction affords a remarkable degree of design freedom to architects, especially in those situations where a standard sized product is inappropriate.


  Rugged and long lasting, hollow metal products resist the environmental stresses of heat and humidity, which adversely affect other door and frame products. Warping and delamination are not factors. Moreover, hollow metal products are easy to maintain and ensure trouble free operation for years. 
    LA Custom Door offers a standard manufacturer's warranty for a period of one year from date of material shipment. ​


    Contemporary realities worldwide mean threats exist. Never before has Security been more important for financial institutions, educational facilities, retail establishments, manufacturing concerns and governmental buildings.    
    Hollow metal products can be fabricated to repel or mitigate the impacts of fire, fire arms, explosives, sound and tampering. And, remember, LA Custom Door's combination performance assembly can blend the most demanding requirements into the product that fits your specific security demands.

The popularity of hollow metal doors and frames has never been higher. And it's no surprise. They provide a wealth of benefits uncommon in competing products.  

 Key benefits include....